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Unexpected ways to use essential oils

You may have heard about the wonderful therapeutic effects of essential oils, but there are some other applications of essential oils that you may not have heard of. I have listed a few here that are very easy to do. No matter what you are using the oils for, it is always best to use the highest quality oils available. Contact me if you need any advice on this.

On the toilet paper roll

Forget the chemical air fresheners and bowls of dusty potpourri. All you need to keep your bathroom smelling fresh are a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Next time you replace the toilet paper roll, put two or three drops on the cardboard roll for a light, refreshing aroma.

Carpet refresher

Try this hack to refresh your carpets. Mix together two cups baking soda and 30 drops of the essential oil of your choice (Lemon and/or Lavender are good but you can use any you like). Sprinkle all over your rugs and carpets, wait for two hours, then hoover it up to remove unwanted smells.

In the hoover

Your hoover can actually double up as a room freshener. Just add two or three drops of Lavender essential oil to the filter or bag then hoover as normal. The whole room will smell fresh when you're done!

All-purpose cleaner

Trying to switch to green cleaning products? Try this all-natural, all-purpose cleaning spray. Combine equal parts white vinegar and water with 20 drops of Lemon essential oil in a glass or metal spray bottle. Shake it, then spray on everything from the kitchen table to work surfaces.

Stain remover

Lemon essential oil works better than almost any stain remover you can buy. Apply a few drops to the stain, rub it in, then throw it in the washing machine. Before using this trick on white fabric, you might want to test the essential oil somewhere inconspicuous, as it does have a very faint colour.

Air freshener

Hanging air fresheners aren't just for the car, you can also use them in small spaces where you might not have room for a full-size diffuser. Cut out a piece of felt or other fabric into whatever shape you like, then spritz it with an essential oil or blend.

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