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Meet your coach


Roël McMahon is a health and nutrition coach who works with people who are experiencing symptoms of deteriorating health and want to do something about it but are not sure how to achieve long-lasting results. 

She helps them to identify and set clear goals, translate them into realistic actions and find a way to enjoy a healthy life without worrying about health conditions.

Roël knows that we have enormous power to take control of our health and it is her mission to empower others.

Roël has worked with hundreds of people through NHS programmes and her own practice and has supported amazing transformations. These transformations have allowed people to enjoy activities they were unable to do before, to be pain-free, have plenty of energy and improved mental health.

Roël is a certified Primal Health Coach, nutritional therapist, fitness instructor and holds a BSc (Honours) in Life Science.

Outside of the passion of coaching she enjoys cooking, crafts, spinning and is a Sale Sharks (Rugby) supporter.

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