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You can lose weight

It’s great when you find good advice to help you be as healthy and fit as you can be. The first week you start adopting a new life style, your enthusiasm and motivation are sky-high and you may not even find it too hard to stick to the new regime. As novelty wears off it may become a bit harder to not fall back into old habits. It can take a few weeks to kick a sugar habit, especially if you are used to eating a lot of carbohydrates.

So you will need all the help you can get to keep the show on the road and one of the tools than can help with this is hypnosis. Regular listening to hypnosis audio can strengthen your control over your actions and help you feel positive, confident and relaxed.

Julie Mann is a member of National Council for Hypnotherapy and is on the General Hypnotherapy Register. She has made an excellent recording of a hypnosis session that can help you achieve your goals for better health. You can listen to it at any time and wherever you are. It is incredibly relaxing and re-enforces your intentions every time you listen to it.

The download is available to buy in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page, or you click here.

Relax and enjoy : )

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