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Lo-dough flatbread with sausage and avocado

If you fancy a low-carb, gluten-free flatbread but don't feel inspired to make it yourself, here's one that someone else prepared earlier. It is called Lo-Dough and currently looks like it's only available online from the company's website. The site offers plenty of suggestions on how to use it, but I tend to use it as a wrap or flatbread. This one is a winning combo:


1 Lo-Dough flatbread

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

2 Heck 97% sausages

1 medium avocado

squirt of sriracha sauce



Lightly fry the flatbread on both sides in a tiny bit of olive oil. Put on a plate and spread with smashed avocado. Season with a little salt. Cut the sausages lengthwise, put on top of the avocado and squirt on some sriracha sauce.

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