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The cooker that does it all; slow-cooking, pressure cooking, rice, porridge and yogurt

I love gadgets, especially kitchen gadgets. I can spend hours in home ware shops drooling over all these handy things I need, even if I wasn’t aware of their existence before. Limited storage (and finances) forces me to be selective though, so when I came across the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker I got very excited indeed. My mum often used a pressure cooker and I always wanted one but found the whole pressure thing on a gas hob very scary.

The Instant Pot is electrical and super safe. In addition to pressure cooking, you can use it to steam, sauté, cook porridge, slow-cook, ferment, cook rice and make yogurt, so I can recycle my steamer and slow cooker and reclaim some cupboard space (ooh, I could fit a dehydrator in…). As I use it pretty much every day, my new gadget takes pride of place on the work surface (to initial dismay of Mr M, but he changed his mind when presented with succulent chicken legs in 12 minutes).

I often hear people struggle to prepare fresh food because they are too busy. The instant pot will definitely help produce delicious meals with minimum effort. Either put some delicious ingredients in the slow-cooker before you go to work (nothing better than coming home to the waft of yummy ready-to-eat food), or chuck it in the pressure cooker and reduce the cooking time of anything by something stupid. It even keeps the food warm when it is finished cooking. Rice cooks perfectly in it and I just discovered that I can cook my eggs in it for breakfast (3 minutes in the pressure cooker and they’re perfect).

I feel the price is very friendly at £129 (at Amazon).

If only it could do the washing up…

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